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5 Best-Selling Premium & Prestige Fragrances from Al Haramain

5 Best-Selling Premium & Prestige Fragrances from Al Haramain


Fragrances have a power of persuasion stronger than anything else!

Well, it may seem a little dramatic, but surely not untrue. You might be wearing the most stylish clothes, have done the best hairstyle, or have the most chiseled body- ignoring the fragrance may lower your confidence.

Perfume is the thing that helps you create a lasting impression. So, on that note, we will quickly let you rundown through the best-selling premium and prestige fragrances from Al Haramain. Let’s get started:

Best selling premium and prestige fragrances from Al Haramain

Honestly, nobody wants to cut their basics to buy fancy perfume. Also, nobody would buy a perfume with minimum positive reviews either. So, we have done the legwork to shortlist the best-selling perfumes from Al Haramain, considering the price and their ratings. Check our list below:

1.      Portfolio Neroli Canvas 75ml SP

If you follow us, we can guarantee you can’t go wrong with the bittersweet and opulent fragrance of floral, citrus, and wood. The bitter lemon has the power to transform sour memories into sweet dreams. The scents are put together in a way that evokes wonders and mystery.

It has bergamot, lemon, and petitgrain as top note fragrance. Neroli and orange blossom are the middle note fragrances. And amber, cedarwood, and musk are the base note fragrance.

Along with its classy fragrance, its black and metallic bottle gives it a classy look. It makes Portfolio Neroli Canvas a perfect perfume for classic personalities.

2.      Portfolio Imperial Oud SP 75Ml

It is a perfume for those whose personality resonates with affluence, majesty, and royalty. Imperial oud has a warm, spicy, earthly, and superior fragrance.

It has animalic and amber as a top note fragrance. Myrrh, incense, and Ambrarome are the middle note fragrance. And patchouli, oud, and musk as a base note fragrance.

The rose gold and transparent bottle of Portfolio Imperial Oud give it an empirical look and feel.

3.      Hayati 12Ml

If you crave a unique blend of exotic essences and oil, then Hayati is the one for you. It covers your skin in mystery and sensuality. With time it also unfolds its deliciously sweet fragrance. You will never fail to impress wearing this exquisite fragrance of silky musky essence.

If you need perfume with longevity, we recommend you Hayati.

It has musk and amber as top note fragrance. Musky and sweet middle note fragrance. And, musky and woody base note fragrance.

Upon that its metallic bottle gives an authentic and rich look. 

4.      Al Haramain Golden Oud Spray 100ml

This perfume is the blend of the finest, original Dehn Al oud. The fine Oudh which is extracted from the Khasiana tree species 50 years ago. It is matured to perfection and packaged in a beautifully crafted bottle.

Golden Oud by Al Haramain is a truly celestial, breathtaking fragrance that resonates with your mind and soul.

It has thyme, sage, black pepper, and clove as a top note fragrance. Rose, balsam, patchouli, and Dehn Al Oud are the middle note fragrances. And oud, amber, sandalwood, vanilla, and musk as a base note fragrance.

5.      Ehsas 24Ml

Ehsas- for unforgettable moments! Every time you wear it the day turns out to be unforgettable, because of its extraordinary fragrance.

It has rose, musk, woody, ambergris, citrus, spicy, and white flowers as a top note fragrance. Woody, musk, ambergris, geranium, marine, Artemisia, Muguet flowers, and aldehyde as a middle note fragrance. And musk, rose, sandalwood, guaiac wood, moss, tonka bean, and ambergris as a base note fragrance.

All these beautiful fragrances are packed in a transparent golden printed traditional bottle.

So, above were some of the best selling perfumes from Al Haramain. If you are looking for some really incredible fragrances, check out Al Haramain online store!

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