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Discover the Best-Selling Gift Sets from Al Haramain

Discover the Best-Selling Gift Sets from Al Haramain

Gifts are something that shouldn’t be something pushed back to the cupboard rather they should be something that touches the heartstrings. Gifts should be completely personal and according to us fragrances are the most personal gift that you would think of. A fragrance with a special message is the best pick for your loved ones. It is something that can be sensed all day and stays close to the person you care for so much.

In addition to this, many reasons compel you to buy perfume as a gift. Perfumes are versatile and can be applied to skin and clothes and add freshness to bedding. They reflect your personality type and life preferences up to a great degree. No wonder people love to give and receive perfumes on all several different occasions.

Best Gift Sets from Al Haramain

Different types of perfumes evoke different types of emotions and show your care and affection. Here are some of the best-selling gift sets from Al Haramain that are special and beautifully packaged in elegant bottles to attract the instant attention of the receiver. Let’s take a look at some of the most desired gift sets of our store -



Buy this at £25.00 here

The OUDH MA'AL ATTAR TRAVELLER SET comes with a Bukhoor, Charcoal, Burner and Lighter which makes it complete and ideal for the travellers. It has beautiful aromatic woody incense with floral tones which lasts for quite long. If you have anyone in your family who loves to roam around with all these things then this is the best pick to add a personal touch.


Al Haramain's Belle and Belle Rouge Spray Bundle 75ml, offers great scents and the perfection of well-balanced perfumes for the quintessential modern woman. Get caught up in the aromas of citrus, and fragrant florals on a divine base of vanilla, sandalwood and musk with Belle, or lose yourself with Belle Rouge and step into notes of citrus blending seamlessly with a bouquet of roses, on a sweet woody base.




Buy this stunning set here at £85.00

If you want to gift a magnificent trio of quintessential Arabian perfumes, then MAJMUATH AL ARAB 3 X 55ML comes with 3 Spray perfumes in traditional Arabian scents; Rooh al Oudh, Dehnal Oudh Mukhallath and Rooh al Ward. It comes beautifully packaged in an elegant cushioned box, complete with a special key. Gift this to your dear ones and let them enjoy the fragrance of 3 different scents in one.

Junoon Eau de Parfum Bundle

Why settle for one when you can experience the best of Junoon. Junoon, Rose and Noir 75ml Eau de Parfum sprays as a Bundle. Junoon bursting with floral notes of Jasmine, Rose, on a bed of Musk, Vanilla, Junoon Rose with Amaretto, Amber and Suede, to Noir with top notes of Lime, Kumquat, settling on Sandalwood, Cedar and Musk.

Choose from some of the best gift sets from Al Haramain. No matter whether you are shopping on the last minute, we won’t let you compromise on your thoughtfulness with which you are buying gifts for your loved ones. Discover a wide range of exciting perfumes here.

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