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Natural Perfumes- The Clean Beauty Revolution- Part 01

Natural Perfumes- The Clean Beauty Revolution- Part 01


Want to gift yourself a new bottle of perfume? If yes, go natural this time - here’s why. 

Have you ever thought why some people have a sneezing fit when they use their favourite fragrance? Or why some folks suffer from headaches after using perfume?

The answer is simple- It’s all because of the toxicity! Synthetic perfumes come with truckloads of chemicals and other harsh ingredients that might trigger allergies or hurt to people with sensitive skin. On the other hand, natural scents are alcohol-free and are usually made up of herbal extracts and flowers, thus they are good for the skin. 

The Popularity of Natural Perfumes 

When you search for a hypoallergenic fragrance, you will find tons of perfumes nowadays. There were times when the market had a dearth of clean options, and all the chemical-laden perfumes would send allergic people into fits of sniffles. After many people had to go through this frustrating experience where they were on the verge of quitting fragrances, some companies came up with vegan fragrances. Since then, you will find tons of options in the market, from seductive aromas to woody scents. And, now the industry is targeting this generation that has bad times with toxic trouble and demands everything natural and clean.

Apart from this, eco-sustainability, safety for humans, and a feeling of indulging in luxurious perfume are other crucial factors behind the clean beauty revolution. The natural ingredients are also used in soaps, floor cleaners, room fresheners, and body lotions as there’s nothing that can make you sick. 

A Spritz of Everything Natural!

When we talk about natural perfumes, the word “natural” itself is self-explanatory that refers to the dominance of natural essence in the smell. There are no synthetics added. The beautiful smell is crafted by nature, which draws people, boosts their energy, and uplifts their mood.

Perfumes that are made with natural ingredients are so much healthier and suitable to use than synthetic perfumes. You will find synthetic perfumes, which are made from more than 4000 chemicals, toxins, and pesticides. Also, the majority of which are not required to label their ingredients and formula. All these are definitely not good for the environment. And, something which is not good for the environment is never going to benefit you!

On the other hand, natural perfumes are made of natural ingredients. These include sandalwood, patchouli, lavender, nutmeg, rose, jasmine, lemon, and various essential oils. Other plant extracts include barks, flowers, buds, herbs, and spices. All the natural ingredients make such perfumes toxin-free, skin safe, and therapeutic as natural scents connect you back to your emotions and subconscious mind. Also, they are free from harmful phthalates and petrochemical products. 


Looking at the environmental health and human safety, you can surely indulge in the beautiful aroma that lingers longer than synthetic perfumes. If you are a proactive consumer and want a fragrance that smells like health and luxury altogether, consider browsing our website Al Haramain. Explore the range of all-natural perfumes and embrace the clean revolution!

If you found this post informative and interesting, stay tuned with us. We will be back with our next post soon, where we’ll discuss some more notable benefits of using natural perfumes. 


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