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What is the Difference Between Attar and Perfumes

What is the Difference Between Attar and Perfumes


Smelling good is as important as looking good. Therefore, fragrances are an integral part of our lives.

We all want to smell good, especially when we step out. Thus, we keep stocking our vanity with different perfumes and colognes, and yes, many of us have at least one bottle of attar with us. Now, have you ever wondered why and how is attar different from the rest of the perfume collection? If yes, we have answers ready for you. Here is the difference between attar and perfume.

Difference between attar and perfume


Attar is derived from flowers, herbs, and other botanical sources. It is considered as one of the precious assets given by Prophet Muhammad to humans and has been there for 60,000 years. Because of its oil concentration, the attar gets so strong that it doesn't need a second dab. This makes it last much longer as compared to perfumes. The amazing thing about attar is, you can safely apply it directly to the skin, as it is natural and alcohol-free.

The attar is classified based on its effect on the body. It is classified into two categories- warm attars and cool attars.

As understood with names, the warm attar is primarily used in the winter season, as it keeps the body cosy and warm. Whereas, the cool attar is used usually in the summer season, as it keeps the body fresh.

As the attar is made purely from natural ingredients, it comes under halal fragrances.


Unlike attars, perfumes are produced with a combination of synthetic and natural scent. The dilution of the mixture is done in a volatile refined alcohol base. These artificial compounds are majorly petrochemicals, which are not good for usage.

According to some studies, the presence of a few ingredients like parabens, phthalates, and synthetic musk in perfumes is concerning. A study by the Environmental Working Group says that it is toxic for the newborns if mothers wear perfumes with synthetic musk content.

Various other studies have proven the presence of toxic ingredients in perfumes; it makes many perfumes unfit for use.

We cannot deny that fragrances are an important part of our daily lives, but it is equally important to avoid fragrances that are not good for our health. So as a solution we need to use fragrances that are alcohol-free fragrances or halal.

As it is clear that attars are safe and organic, the reason why these fragrances are so popular and highly demanded in various parts of the world. Many famous and reliable brands have introduced halal perfumes, attars, deodorants, and body sprays for both men and women. You can shop for these amazing fragrances and revel in fragrant vibes!

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