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Get the Maximum Benefits from Your Body Lotion

Get the Maximum Benefits from Your Body Lotion


The body lotion is the basic need of your skin. When applied right, it makes your skin healthy, smooth, and hydrated. It locks in all nutrients and moisture, thus giving a radiant glow to your body.

However, do you know that you can’t expect the best body lotion performance if you don’t use it right? There's a way to apply body lotion and get its maximum benefits. If this concept is new to you, read our post and learn the effective ways to pamper your skin with body lotion.

Body Lotion Types

All body lotions are not the same.

To your surprise, some of the products stocked in the lotion aisle aren't in fact lotions at all. Usually, lotions are thinner and water type of moisturisers. Then there is body milk that comprises the exact formation and consistency.

On the contrary, body creams are thicker and contain less water than lotions. A body butter is even thicker with fats - these are so rich that they mimic spreadable butter.

How to Pick the Right One

A thin body lotion works fine for most of the skin types. It is highly beneficial for those with oily or slightly dry skin. As lotions are light, these absorb into the skin quickly. So, if you are not a fan of thick or oily products, body lotions are for you.



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On the other hand, body butter is concentrated and these are good for people with super dry skin. The oily beauties should steer clear of body butter.

Avoid the Wrong Ones

Whether you buy body lotion online or pick one from a store, be careful to avoid the one's not meant for you. Give a cursory glance to its ingredients and shy away from products containing phthalates, parabens, and fragrance. Similarly, retinol containing moisturiser is not for daily use.

If you wish to avoid this chemical altogether you can prepare a homemade moisturiser or choose the one that has organic composition.

How to Apply Body Lotion?

Body lotions, butter, and cream function the same, that is, they trap moisture in your skin and keep it hydrated. Do you know that the moisturiser will show maximum benefits when your skin is slightly damp?

Yes, the right way to apply body lotion is on the damp skin just after your bath. Take a grape-sized amount, rub between your palms to warm, and use both hands to massage into your skin. Do it religiously to keep your skin healthy and enjoy a smooth lingering scent all the time.

Target All the Areas

A lot of people get their hands on anybody lotion and use it all over their body, no matter what. It can work for some but your skin doesn't need the same nutrients all day long.



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You need to use different products in different parts of your body. For instance, body butter or cream can be applied to the dry areas including feet or elbows while lotion can be used everywhere on your body.

Beauty Takeaway

Body lotions or moisturisers are crucial for your skin and the right application is important to get maximum benefits. So, next time, you should try to invest in a moisturiser that is formulated with the best ingredients that are vital for your skin.

If you wish to nourish your skin with the best and most sought-after ingredients like oud, we have got you covered. Have a look at our exclusive collection of body lotions created just for you. Visit us here to buy body lotion online.

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