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How Do You Recognise Pure Oudh Oil?

How Do You Recognise Pure Oudh Oil?

Pure Oudh Oil


Oudh oil is the most popular essential oil that brings up a unique aromatic experience. It can be described as a luxurious, distinct and valuable fragrance that reflects your elite taste in perfumery. Know how to recognise pure Oudh perfume from a bunch of ordinary fancy-looking bottles.

Also known as Agarwood, Oudh is one of the most pricey and desired perfume essentials in the world. This majestic oil is believed to be luxurious for ages; emperors, kings, queens, sovereign, and nobility from around the dynasties use it with charm. It is strongly musky, and its scent tends to be calming and truly intoxicating.

Oudh is found in the Assam region of India. It is formed from the wood of the Aquilaria tree and can be found in 15 different species. People often burn the wood chips of these trees in religious ceremonies as incense that then creates a sweet aroma. The price of Oudh oil may vary as per the source of their generation and the place where the trees grow; for example, some tree species produce more valuable Oudh oil than others.

Beware of cheap-quality Oudh oil

Oudh oil is exclusively rare and expensive oil in the world - a primary reason why it is highly imitated.

Pure Oudh oil is pricey but worth every cent - its scent is mesmerising and long-lasting. It is extracted and distilled from agarwood, and it cannot be synthesised. So, the synthetic Oudh perfume oils available in the market are produced by combining chemicals that can only provide a cheap and temporary fragrance.

Tips for recognising pure Oudh and Oudh oil

It is tough to detect pure Oudh from fakes as it requires a trained nose.

When you are new to Oudh, the interpretation regarding its smell keeps varying. To find out if the Oudh oil is diluted with white oil - take a small amount of oil, and apply it behind your neck, and if it gives you a warm sensation, it is diluted and, if not, then it is real Oudh oil.

The smell

To find out the purity of the Oudh oil, smell is the best test.

The fragrance of real agarwood is woody, complimented by soft flowery, and fruity notes. Pure Oudh oil exhibits a long-lasting smell. Thus, one should smell the agarwood before buying it. Impure Oudh oil does not acquire a pleasant fragrance and also does not linger for long.

Further, it is known that it’s not easy to replicate Oudh oil because of sesquiterpenes. Because of fewer sesquiterpenes in impure Oudh oil, it becomes easier to differentiate with its odour.


Natural agarwood chips can be identified with its deep, symmetrical black or brown veins, which is missing in fake Oudh.

Heating test

When you want to buy agarwood, ask the vendor to take a small portion to conduct the test. To test, place it in a spoon and burn. While burning, the tree extracted resin should start bubbling. The more bubbles it produces, the better is the quality of Oudh.

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