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How Perfumes Impact Mental Health?

How Perfumes Impact Mental Health?


The world today has led itself to be distanced from nature. However, the aftermath is being realized slowly. Therefore, the people who once got themselves disconnected from nature are now retreating to natural solutions for the treatment of their illness, sorrow, and discomfort. What started as a trend is now becoming a lifestyle choice. Such decisions are resulting in the outgrowth and popularity of scents.

Have you ever wondered how the memory of smell becomes ingrained in our minds? It’s because scents send signals to the part of the mind that’s responsible for controlling emotions and memory. Plenty of research has intensified on the wonderful effects of scent therapies, popularly known as aromatherapy. Let’s get to know how they are significant in improving our mental health -

Notable Impact of Perfumes on Mental Health

●       Facilitates Improved Concentration

The scents of lavender and peppermint are being used all over the world to improve concentration levels. In Japan, the lavender scent is sprayed during tea breaks to improve the production of workers post-break. Athletes sniff peppermint to have better concentration and run faster. A study from Wheeling Jesuit University suggested that peppermint scent leads to greater intelligence, motivation, and overall functioning. It also aids students while taking tests. Additionally, the children exposed to the aroma of strawberries can perform better at tests than those who had no exposure to smell.

●       Helpful in Recovering Lost Memory

As mentioned, the smell is a memory that inculcates in our minds. It triggers specific memories and is helpful in therapies related to recovering lost memories. Research at Toronto University shows that smell triggers clear, highly intense, and emotional memories. It is because the part of the brain that processes smell is directly linked with the parts of the brain that are involved in emotion and memory.

One of the world’s oldest known spices, cinnamon provides a sweet-smelling essential oil that improves the brain's power and enhances cognitive functions.

●       Provides Energy and Freshness

Fragrances work best to awaken and energize the mind. The scents of citrus fruits, particularly lime, lemon, bergamot, and orange can uplift your mood. Citrus scents are perfect for the daytime or for the time when you feel a bit sluggish. It can lift your mood in a simple easy to go spritz. Richer fruits also have a similar effect. Peach, apple, apricot, melon, and other sweet fruits can boost a flirtatious, dashing, and youthful freshness.

●       Enables Calmness to the Human Mind

Marine fragrances promote a sense of restfulness and calmness in busy and stressed minds. It taps the subconscious scent memory and takes you to the relaxing feeling of holidays. The fragrances that are clean and fresh are perfect for relaxing the mind. It helps to bring a sense of peace and freedom to the mind of the wearer. Some fragrances leave you welcomed, calm, and allow you to hit the reset button.

Scents have a soothing effect that transfers your mind to a universe of calm and quiet. No matter the kind of fragrance you pick, it should leave you with a feeling of comfort. You can experiment with different scents to find out what works best for you.

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