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Oud - A Lingering Tale of Majestic Fragrance

Oud - A Lingering Tale of Majestic Fragrance

Oud is a widely-acclaimed fragrance in the world of perfumery, known for its warm scent and expensive pricing. It is symbolic of persuasion stronger than words that capture our hearts and helps us revel in luxe vibe.

Now, do you know what all makes Oud fragrance a highly sought-after perfume? If not, let’s discuss what makes this scent indescribably good.

Oud- A Perfume that Lingers Behind You!

Oud is an all-natural ingredient, extracted from the beautiful Aquilaria trees of Asia which is also called an Oud tree or Agarwood tree. These trees release a special resin on extraction that resin is the Oud. The Agarwood chips are taken directly from the trunk of the trees that have oud oil. Agarwood chips are burnt for spiritual purposes. It emanates beautiful intense oud scent on burning and purifies the surroundings.

oud perfume


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The best oil is extracted from the oldest trees, which are rare. This rarity of trees makes the perfume the most expensive commodity in the market. Moreover, it has the strongest smell and the longest extracting process. This is the reason that people buy perfume online.

How to Embrace Oud Scent?



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Oud is an Invisible Extra that Completes the Look. It may feel strong and overwhelming for the beginners. We will recommend you to spritz it twice onto the skin first. The after-effects will be nothing less than magical. You have to wait a bit after spraying. The scent will settle onto your skin easily.

Pro Tips to Wear Oud

  • We will recommend you to always test it by spraying it twice or thrice to check the concentration.
  • To make it last, wear it on the pulse points such as the wrist, behind the ears, and the knees.
  • We will also advise to apply it before putting on the clothes and jewelry. This way, it will not stain the jewelry. The fragrance will last for a longer time.
  • You can also mix it up with other perfumes so that the fragrance will not fade away quickly.

Preserving the Extravagant Bouquet

oud perfume


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As you know, Oud is an expensive perfume; and comes from a rare source, you should preserve it for a long time. Some people keep them safe in a locker. Oud is intense in its fragrance; still, it may lose its allure over time. You should follow the below-mentioned points to make it last for a longer time:

  • Try keeping the bottle tightly closed until the first spritz.
  • Keep it in a cool and darker place because the light breaks down the scent’s liquid makeup.
  • Make sure to maintain a constant temperature while storing the perfume.
  • Never keep your perfume in a bathroom. This space has humidity and temperature fluctuations.
  • Store the bottle in the original box to increase its shelf life. The boxes are meant to keep its aroma intact.
  • Avoid shaking the bottle excessively as it leads to unwanted oxidation. It may break down the intricate formula of the perfume.

Fragrances speak louder than words on a subliminal level. Oud is one of the intense fragrances that make everyone addicted to your presence.

If you are looking for Oud perfumes to stimulate your mind and senses, we have more for you. Visit us here to buy Oud perfumes online at the best prices.

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