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Reasons to Ditch Toxic for Natural Perfumes - Part 02

Reasons to Ditch Toxic for Natural Perfumes - Part 02


Modern perfumery heavily relies on synthetic fragrances due to low cost and availability. However, when it comes to lasting effect and complexity of ingredients, synthetic perfumes seem flat before natural perfumes. If you compare the scent of synthetic vanilla and real vanilla extract, you will spot the difference.

Natural perfumes as the name itself depict the scent from the natural extract. They are alcohol-free, that makes it good for the skin. Apart from this, there are other reasons, which compels us to ditch the synthetic for natural perfumes. Let’s have a look at some of the critical reasons in the below section.

Reasons to Pick Natural Perfumes- What Makes the Difference?

Synthetic fragrances mostly have undisclosed fragrances that may include petrochemicals, secret allergens, and tons of chemicals. On the contrary, natural perfumes are all toxin-free and have a soothing effect on the nerves that alleviates the mood. Apart from therapeutic properties, natural perfumes are a pure luxury that suits a variety of skins. Here are several other reasons that will impel you into picking a bottle of all-natural perfume.


The majority of synthetic products are tested on animals. If you are against any cruelty towards animals, then natural perfumes are for you. Natural perfumes are not tested on animals, so you can have a sigh of relief that no cruelty has been done during the manufacturing process. Thus you don’t have to carry any guilt for using these intensely aromatic all-natural scents.

Available in a variety of fragrances

With so many natural fragrances to choose from, finding one that pleases your senses should not be too difficult. There is no challenge in finding a fragrance that is perfect for you.

You will find many reliable brands that produce good natural perfumes, and the market is chock-full of options right from elegant to fruity and aquatic to woody. Make sure that you try as many options as you can before you pick the one for yourself.

Natural perfumes don’t mask the skin

Synthetic perfumes mask the skin, whereas natural perfumes blend with the individual scent of the user. It gives a personal and unique scent to every individual depending on the natural smell of the body of the wearer. When manufactured on a smaller scale they are more refined and blend in easily with skin.

Aromatherapeutic powers

Natural perfumes are composed of a blend of essential oils for fragrance; each essential oil reacts with your body oils differently and affects your mood differently. You may find lavender has a calming effect, while citrus notes exciting.

On the other hand, sandalwood releases stress and balances the emotional intensity. We can say that all-natural scents have therapeutic effects, which promote emotional wellbeing and fight depression.

Amazing fragrance

Natural perfumes are made with pure, authentic floral and herbal ingredients, which are definitely not a poor-quality imitation! Instead, they are intense, rich, and lasting. The beautiful fragrance is such that it catches the attention of all the interested patrons from the vial.

Doesn’t dry out your skin

Unlike synthetic perfumes, natural perfumes do not contain alcohol and thus are not dry on the skin.

When it is about perfumes, natural is the best way to go. Many brands are the best in the market for natural perfume production. So it is best to compare natural perfume fragrances before deciding the one to buy.

Al Haramain offers a luxurious range of natural perfumes for both men and women. You will get high-quality perfumes that suit all ethical concise. 

If you are planning to buy natural perfumes, consider checking our website. Explore a complete range of perfumes, including Agarwood, Bukhoors, Attars, Eau de Parfums, Body Lotions, and deodorants.

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