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Smell Like Luxury with Oud Perfumes

Smell Like Luxury with Oud Perfumes

A good fragrance should be such that it adds a personality through which people begin identifying you. Here oud is one such fragrance that radiates your personality and draws all things good.

Oud is all about depth; its rich and intriguing fragrance has gained a lot of popularity in the west. With the deep base notes of oriental woods and smoke, oud has a hint of floral spices that lasts up to six or more hours on the skin. However, it is one of the most expensive perfumes due to the rare nature and complexity of extraction from aquaria trees.

As per the experts, the quality oud comes from the oldest trees, which are extinct. And, thus, some companies are participating in the preservation of oud. The government of China has taken a solid initiative in this regard. It is trying to guarantee the success of this luxurious scent by planting thousands of saplings every year.

Oud holds the spiritual significance

Oud holds a spiritual significance that roots back to the ancient civilizations. You will find its evidence in the world’s ancient sacred texts of Sanskrit Vedas and oldest manuscripts from Vietnam, Japan, and China. You can see its use in the history of the East and the Middle East. Buddhist monks believe it to increase concentration, and thus, they use it for meditation while Tibetan monks use it to calm the mind and spirit.

Also, Prophet Mohammad mentioned oud in the Koran. People in the Middle East burn oud wood chips to make their clothes and houses fragrant.

In China, people believe oud to have psychoactive effects, whereas ancient Egyptian Pharaohs use it for the mummifying process. It is said that oud fragrance can create a supernatural connection with the arouse of psyche and body.

Oud perfume in the modern world

Once reserved for the delegates and elders, oud is still arousing nostalgic memories of bejewelled bottles placed at the grandma's table. It depicts a distinct blend of modern perfumes and tradition that is widely on-trend appealing to the new generation.

Oud is a fragrance for both men and women, it works to calm the nervous system. Perfume makers usually blend it with other fragrances, which enhance its floral, spicy, and sweet notes.

For example, to gain the soft multilayered oud fragrance the oud is blended with the rich fragrance of amber, rose, and iris. To develop its more robust version- saffron, chocolate, and dark patchouli notes are blended, give an opulent richness. Thus, oud aid to enhance the scent of other ingredients and impart the fragrance of their own.

Conclusively, we can say, oud is an unmatched fragrance ingredient. It captivates our imagination with glorified history and captures the senses with an intensely distinctive fragrance.

The fragrance of oud is intoxicating and generally very expensive. If you are looking for some premium quality oud perfumes to add in your wardrobe and that too at an affordable price, consider checking Al Haramain. Here you will get a collection of the best perfumes and colognes for every person's luxury. 


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