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The Benefits of Agarwood Oud Oil

The Benefits of Agarwood Oud Oil


Native to South-East Asia, the agarwood oud oil is one of the most luxurious pure essential oils which is known for its therapeutic benefits. Experts say that it comes from the oldest trees that are rare, which makes it an uber-popular and expensive commodity in the market. 

It has taken the cosmetic industry to another level and has changed the definition of luxury perfumes for people. In addition to being a classic scent, it is a fixative that lends a mesmerising deep fragrance and has many benefits. Some of the benefits of Oud are listed below, have a look: 

  1. It heals the mind

Agarwood oud oil can heal the mind and provide inner peace. It has a harmonising effect on your body where it strengthens the thought process, increases emotional capacity, and promotes overall mental well being.


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Also, if you are to seek spiritual enlightenment, agarwood calms the mind and helps you focus on spiritual development.

Usage: You can inhale from the bottle directly or can diffuse it in your vaporizer. Keep it on your bedside table to cure insomnia and induce restful sleep.

  1. Alleviates Pain and Arthritic Conditions

Yes, agarwood oud oil also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that relieve pain and reduce inflammation which is common in arthritis and rheumatism. It also detoxifies your body from unwanted toxins such as excess fats, salts, water, urea and uric acid. This facilitates frequent urination and reduces swelling and stiffness around the affected area.

Usage: Blend 2 drops of oud oil and other carrier oil of your choice. Gently massage it onto the affected areas, gradually you will notice a decrease in pain.

  1. Aids in Digestion

Agarwood oud oil also has stomachic and carminative properties that aid in unobstructed digestion as it can expel excess gases from the stomach, which could be painful. Thus it prevents indigestion and bloating.

Usage: Blend 2 drops of oud oil with a carrier oil and massage onto the upper or lower abdominal area. It stimulates the secretion of digestive juices that prevent bloating or indigestion.

  1. Agarwood Oud Oil Improves the Skin

A good news to those who love to pamper their skin - agarwood oud oil is an antiseptic and known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can alleviate and improve your skin condition and make it look healthy.


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It also facilitates skin healing and reduces redness, irritation, puffiness or even swelling. Since it is antibacterial, it helps remove bacteria and reduce acne and acne spots. Moreover, it also repairs damaged skin and keeps it free from wrinkles and signs of ageing. 

Usage: Add 1-2 drops of oud oil to your everyday face cleanser and wash off your face with this mixture to have that healthy glow on your skin.

  1. To Get Rid of Bad Breath

Agarwood oud oil is known for its microbial and antibacterial properties. The oil kills bacteria within your mouth cavity, thus preventing bad breath. It is a great way to maintain oral hygiene and ensure good health of your mouth. 

Usage: Add one drop of oud oil with one drop of peppermint essential oil to a glass full of water. Use this healthy concoction to gargle, and you will have a great smelling and healthy mouth.

These were some of the great benefits of agarwood oud oil apart from offering heady fragrance. If you love scents and want something that has a great aroma, discover our exciting range of perfumes at our online store and pick one that suits you best.


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