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Three Ways to Burn Pure Agarwood Chips

Three Ways to Burn Pure Agarwood Chips

Agar Wood

A lot of people wonder about pure agarwood chips and the ways to burn them.

Loaded with several benefits and a soulful scent, agarwood chips can be sensed from miles away. If you are one of those who haven't experienced the rich fragrance of agarwood yet, why not give it a try? Simply buy agarwood online and burn them the right way to create a calming aura.

Here's how you can burn pure agarwood chips easily at your home -

Simple Ways to Burn Pure Agarwood Chips

Electric Heater

If you are fond of aesthetics and looking for a premium method of burning your favourite wood, you can get yourself a high-quality electric heater. These small devices heat the agarwood gently. Do note that you will not notice the wood being burned or ignited.

Gentle heating ensures that you get the purest form of scent from the wood without any burnt notes. In case, you wish to have a more intense fragrance, you can adjust the heating level accordingly.


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The only drawback with an electric heater is that the heat provided by the equipment is quite low to release resin from within and boil the wood. Furthermore, you will also need to ensure cleaning by making use of tinfoil, aluminium foil, or mica plates.

Incense Burner and Coal

A classic way of burning agarwood in the Middle East is the use of incense burner and coal method.

Unlike the electric heater, an incense burner burns pure agarwood chips quite quickly. However, a lot of smoke is produced due to intense heat.

To enjoy the fragrant benefits, you have to be a little cautious while dealing with the coal. The idea is to want for the coal to develop a healthy white layer before applying the wood. Applying the wood too early to coal will end up burning the wood instantly and produce a smoky smell.

Ghetto Heater

Another way of extracting the agarwood fragrance is by using a ghetto heater.

For this, you will need a naked flame such as a T light or a candle or a piece of aluminium foil or another metal. If you wish, you can also try placing your wood directly on the metal foil on the top of an electric oven hob. However, it is not recommended as it will cause the foil to melt into an electric hob and lead to further issues.

The best you can do is burn the wood with a naked flame. Certainly, the method is a little risky compared to the former ones, but it is inexpensive and quick. If you have no other way of burning the wood, simply switch to a flame and bask in the fragrance while making sure of your safety.


Pure agarwood chips are bliss (ask someone from the Middle East!) The intense fragrance of the wood is pleasant enough to turn the day better.

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