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Lesser-Known Benefits of Wearing Oud Fragrance

Lesser-Known Benefits of Wearing Oud Fragrance

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The strong and musky smell of Oud with a Middle Eastern vibe is one of the time-honored fragrances that have been around for centuries. It was used to treat health issues in ancient times, and today, it is often associated with its potency to soothe your nervous system and cultivate focus and alertness.

Moreover, men and women from the Middle East used to burn Agarwood chips to spread the fragrance that lasted long for hours. Wearing Oud has many benefits ranging from cosmetic to psychoactive to spiritual and therapeutic to medicinal, let’s look at them in detail:

Calming Properties

Oud oil is used to treat emotional, nervous, and psychological issues as the deep and hypnotic fragrances can put you in a meditative state. It calms your mind and acts as a great stimulant that gives mental strength and stability. Since it can heal you from any emotional trauma, it helps you attain inner peace. Also, when diffused in a vaporizer if you keep it at your bedside, you will experience a restful sleep; thus, it can help with insomnia.

Psychoactive Properties

Oud oil has a great harmonising effect on your mind which boosts thought power and assures emotional well-being. The oil penetrates the senses so well that it helps relieve stress, enhance awareness, and helps the mind to attain positive energy and focus needed in life. People who are practicing martial arts use the oil to soothe their obsessive and impulsive behavior that helps to keep the focus as it boosts cognition.

Spiritual Properties

Oud oil is used by Tibetan monks to enhance inner strength and induce absolute peace to the mind and soul. Moreover, many Ayurvedic practitioners use Oud oil in spiritual ceremonies and gatherings due to its ability to cleanse the environment of all the negative energies. In some parts of the Middle East and Africa there is a cultural belief that the smoke created through burning the Agarwood chips carries the prayers to the almighty. This is the reason that many men and women regularly burn Agarwood in their homes to offer prayers.

Medicinal Properties

Apart from spiritual benefits, oud oil can cure many health issues, especially related to the mind due to its calming effect. It acts as a therapeutic that can treat epilepsy and is recommended for the treatment of neuromuscular conditions. Also, it is a great Kapha suppressant that eliminates toxic remains of the body. When applied to the joints and skin, it reduces inflammation and relieves pain associated with arthritis.

Moreover, the digestive, anti-flatulent, and stomachic properties help expel gases and aids in bloating. It also has a significant effect on the skin and helps in reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and marks. It is excellent in treating wounds and cuts and relieves itching and soreness of the skin.

These were some of the benefits of Oud oil. Well, for those who don’t have any ailments can just spray some to get that happy vibe where you will feel energetic and fresh all day. 

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